GIS Indicator framework

Work Package 5 developed a tool with GIS based indicators to evaluate the impacts of adaptation measures in northern India. The indicators are used to describe the current status of land and water resources and to assess the effectiveness of adaptation measures across scales and sectors. Indicators are calculated at both basin level and case study level. For each case study a specific set of indicators is selected. The data needed to quantify the indicators is a combination of model output and collected field data from other work packages. The following elements are reflected in the Highnoon indicator framework:

  • Water availability, water demand 
  • Water quality  
  • Environment and health
  • Infrastructure

  Map Ramganga basin

Figure Ramganga basin

Fig: Example Agricultural water stress calculation Ramganga basin

Online access
The indicators based on water stress/availability have been completed for the three basins, Ramganga, Tons and Kangsabati. The indicators are incorporated in the online tool and can be viewed from:

More info: Prof Ashvin Gosain (gosain(at) or Claire Jacobs (claire.jacobs(at)