Datasets, Models and Instruments

By making data generated by HighNoon available to other researchers, HighNoon hopes and expects that these datasets will be used by the wider community. This will further help support defining better adaptation strategies. The HighNoon main datasets are:

  1. Climate data from 4 Regional Climate Model runs using a single scenario (A1B). Two model runs cover the period 1989 to 2050, while the other two model runs cover the period 1970 to 2050. Typically daily data are available for: radiation, temperature, relative humidity, precipitation, snowfall and wind. The spatial resolution is 0.25 degree (~25 x 25 km). These data are available for the following domain: 
    • Bottom left: 20.125 N, 73.125 E
    • Top right: 31.875 N, 91.875 E
  2. An inventory of the snow and ice area and volumes for the Himalaya region.

Models and Methods

During the HighNoon project several models and methods had been used. Watch an overview with applied models and methods.

Tools and inventories
Watch an overview with tools and inventories.