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Assessing Climate impacts on the Quantity and quality of WAter.


Water Management Strategies against Water Scarcity in the Alps.

ICIMOD Publications
Publications from the International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development regarding Climate Change and the Himalaya region.


India National Action Plan on Climate Change
Governmental document with eight national missions and the implementation

Hydrological Information System
An interactive website where modelresults from IITDelhi research will be presented, which covers not only the Ganges but all Indias river basins.

EU projects, FP6


ADAM - Adaptation and Mitigation Strategies: supporting European climate policy 
ADAM (Adaptation and Mitigation Strategies: supporting European climate policy) is an integrated research project that will lead to a better understanding of the trade-offs and conflicts that exist between adaptation and mitigation policies.

AMMA - African Monsoon Multidisciplinary Analyses
An international project to improve our knowledge and understanding of the West African Monsoon and its variability.



Mitigation of Water Stress through new Approaches to Integrating Management, Technical, Economic and Institutional Instruments. (New approaches to mitigating water stress).


Assessment of the European Terrestrial Carbon Balance.


Central and Easter Europe Climate Change Impact and Vulnerability Assessment (STREP topic – Climate Change in Eastern Europe).


Climate Change and Impact Research: the Mediterranean Environment (4th Call IP topic – Climate Change in Mediterranean region).


Development of an ensemble prediction system for climate change.


Integrated Flood Risk Analysis and Management Methodologies (IP for the investigation of the hydrological extremes and impact on water resources).


European climate of the last millennium - Climate changes in the last 1000 years.


New Approached to Adaptive Water Management under Uncertainty (IWRM and adaptive management).


Water Senarios for Europe and for Neighbouring States (4th Call IP topic- Water Scenarios for Europe Proposal).



Technology Enabled Universal Access to Safe Water (challenges the ability of traditional system and technology solutions for drinking water supply to cope with present and future global threats and opportunities).

Integrated Project uniting researchers to evaluate the global water cycle’s response to current and future drivers of climate change.


EU projects, FP5


ARID Cluster
Four projects on water management in Mediterranean region. 
Completed 2004/5.


Harmoni Cluster
Thirteen projects on catchment modeling, including HarmonIT and HarmoniQUA.
Completed 2004/5.



Prediction of Regional scenarios and Uncertainties for Defining European Climate change risks and Effects.
Completed 2005.


Predictability and variability of monsoons and the agricultural and hydrological impacts of climate change. Completed 2005.


Global change vulnerabilities in the Barents region: linking Arctic natural resources, climate change and economics. 
Completed 2006.


ASTHyDA Analysis
Synthesis and Transfer of Knowledge and Tools on Hydrological Drought Assessment through a European Network.
Completed 2004/05.

Other programmes related to climate and water

AGU - (American Geophysical Union)

CcSP - (Climate changes Spatial Planning)
This programme aims to get climate change and climate variability one of the guiding principles for spatial planning in the Netherlands.

CPWC - (Co-operative Programme on Water and Climate)


EGU - (European Geosciences Union)

EDC - (European Drought Centre) is a virtual centre of European drought research and management organisations with the support of EU to promote collaboration and capacity building across disciplines.

FAO/IIASA/ISRIC/ISSCAS/JRC, 2008. Harmonized World Soil Database (version 1.0)

FRIEND - Flow Regimes from International Experimental and Network Data (FRIEND) an international collaborative study intended to develop, through the mutual exchange of data, knowledge and techniques at a regional level and a better understanding of hydrological variability and similarity across time and space. 

GEWEX - (Global Energy and Water Cycle Experiment)

GWSP - (Global Water Systems Project)

HYACINTS - (HYdrological Modelling for Assessing Climate Change Impacts at differeNT Scales) will develop new methodologies and tools to enable easier and more accurate use of regional scale climate and hydrological models to address local scale water resources problems.

iLEAPS - (Land Ecosystem-Atmosphere Processes Study)
Feedbacks between processes that take place between the land surface and the physical and chemical components of the climate system have received increasing attention in recent years. The most widely known example is probably the vegetation feedback on atmospheric CO2 concentration (and hence climate) in fully coupled vegetation-carbon cycle-climate ...

IGBP - (International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme)

IHDP - (International Human Dimensions Programme on Global Environmental Change)

IPCC - (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change)

IWA - (International Water Association)

Water page - (Water Conservation Page)

WCRP - (World Climate Research Programme)

WMO - (World Meteorological Organization)

WWC - (World Water Council)