HighNoon Spring School 2013

Inspired from the EU project HighNoon, the 2nd HighNoon Spring School took place at Department of Civil Engineering IIT Delhi from February 4th to February 7th, 2013. The School was sponsored by the Department of International Development, UKaid. The aim of the spring school was to impart knowledge on the climate and socio-economic changes to the participants working in the field of climate change.

The preparation for the school started in November 2012 when the call for applications was made. Right after six weeks a shortlist of the participants was released on the HighNoon website. The event marked participation from India and foreign countries viz. Nepal, Thailand, UK, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. Among the participants were postgraduate students, PhD scholars, academicians and engineers who are working in the area of climate change, water resources management and agriculture.

The four day long school covered lectures on Climate Modelling, Snowmelt, Climate forecasting and agriculture, Climate change and energy, Climate Adaptation etc. Along with the lectures participants were provided with the hands on experience on climate data analysis and swat modelling. The group exercise on third and fourth day of the school involved brainstorming on measures for adaptation to climate change. The participants were asked to work in groups having 5-6 persons each. This involved discussions on the problems that the world is experiencing due to climate change and the steps that are usually followed to mitigate and adapt to these changes. This was then followed by the group presentation on the fourth day where people came up with their own ideas to adapt better to climate change.

Group Photo HighNoon Spring School 2013

The response of the participants (as per their feedbacks) was encouraging. They were delighted to be a part of the Spring School. They said that the School enhanced their knowledge on climate change and the way the lectures and exercises were delivered made it more interesting.

HighNoon Secretary