HighNoon collaborated with the EU-FP6 project WATCH (2007-2011) to achieve maximum synergy. WATCH studied global interactions between water cycle, water resources and climate change, but with two regional foci: Europe and the Indian subcontinent.

HighNoon-WorkPackage 1 built on WATCH-WorkBlock 3 generated regional climate scenarios for the larger Indian region. Possible feedbacks between large scale irrigation in Northern India and regional climate were analyzed in WATCH-WorkBlock 5, and correction factors for these feedbacks were used in HighNoon-WorkPackage 1 to modulate climate scenarios of precipitation. In HighNoon-WorkPackage 3 realistic regional scenarios for socio economic development were assembled through intensive stakeholder consultation in the region.

These in turn were useful in WATCH-WorkBlock 2 to improve scenarios of demography, land use change, irrigation and other water demands in relation to technological development. Thus, both projects profit from exchange of expertise and data.