Workshop snowmelt modeling in Chamonix

Water availability is an increasingly important issue in the Ganges basin. It is therefore important to know the contribution of different sources (monsoon rainfall, snow, glaciers) of the water that is used by people, and whether these contributions are expected to change in the future.

From 25–27 January 2011, HighNoon members gathered in Chamonix, France, for a snow melt modelling workshop. Representatives of different modelling groups compared and discussed the spatial and temporal dynamics of snowmelt contribution to river flow in the Ganges basin. This discussion was based on the simulations of four hydrological models (VIC, LPJmL, JULES and SWAT) and observations on selected locations. The models treat the dynamics of snow accumulation and melt with different levels of complexity. However, the pattern they show in terms of timing and location of meltwater seems to be very robust. A manuscript about this very interesting topic is being prepared.

Occurrence of snow in the Ganges part of the Himalayas.jpg


HighNoon Secretary