Workshop on 'Glaciers, Snow Melt and Runoff in the Himalayas' (6-7 February 2012)

The Trans-Himalayan workshop on "Glaciers, Snow Melt and Runoff in the Himalayas", held at ICIMOD in Kathmandu (Nepal) was organised on February 6-7, 2012 by the EU-FP7 project HighNoon, with support of ICIMOD, DFID and SDC. Read the report.

This workshop aimed at bringing together regional and international researchers, government administration and donor agencies to discuss the current state of cryospheric and glacio-hydrologic research in the wider Hindu Kush – Himalayan region. Almost 70 participants attended to this workshop in Kathmandu, Nepal.

More specifically, the workshop (download programme) was intended to address the state of current knowledge on the consequences of ongoing climatic changes on glaciers, snow melt and runoff and to identify the most important gaps in knowledge where action will be most needed in the future. Read and download the presentations and outcomes of the group discussions.

Based on the outcome of the workshop, the organizers will produce a status report and address initial issues later on.

In May 2012, ICIMOD organizes an “International Conference on Cryosphere of the HinduKush – Himalayas: State of the Knowledge” and the “HinduKush – Himalayan Cryosphere Data Sharing Policy Workshop” on a five-day long event, which takes up the outcomes of the February 2012 workshop to discuss the implementation of plans and develop strategies for the future.